I'm Proud of Wyoming

granite2500.jpg I recently finished some fieldwork in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains, and was favorably impressed with many road signs describing geological formations in the area.

No appeasement of young-earth creationists here! Wyoming is telling visitors just how old the area actually is. Hurrah for Wyoming!


This sign for the Cloverly formation is correct.


But this sign for the Cloverly formation, near Shell, Wyoming, is sadly incorrect. They’re putting the Cretaceous into the Triassic! Somebody fix me?


If you’re curious what the field project was about, check out my music video synopsis on YouTube.

On a totally offtopic tangent, I’ll be holding down the mainstream view of things tomorrow night (August 21st, 11 PM MDT) on Coast-to-Coast AM, as my colleague Kim Johnson and I debate “9/11 Truth” with Richard Gage and Niels Harrit, members of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.”

Details here.