So long, Carrie!

The National Center for Science Education has a slew of resources to support efforts to keep honest science in classrooms. It has articles, databases, and a great archive. But most important, it has people, smart caring people who are ready to help those of us out in the field with information, advice, and encouragement.

One of those people has been Carrie Sager. I don’t know all her duties, but one of them was maintaining the database devoted to the various legal cases around the country. For me, of course, that means Freshwater. Two federal cases are under way in that matter, and Carrie has been assiduous in sweeping PACER daily for the latest legal documents and court filings and updating the database, notifying me as soon as new docs went up and occasionally commenting on them, giving me ideas for treatment of them. Equally important, she has been unfailingly cheerful in the face of my documentation OCD.

But now she’s leaving NCSE to go to law school. I hate to see her leave, but I wish her all good fortune. ‘Bye, Carrie. And many many thanks.

And to those who haven’t joined NCSE: what are you waiting for?