Freshwater: Hearing documents released

In response to several FOIA Public Records Requests, the closing briefs and replies in the administrative hearing on the termination of John Freshwater’s employment as a middle school science teacher in the Mount Vernon City Schools have been released by the referee. We will have all the documents available on the NCSE site sometime in the next few days (NCSE is temporarily short the person who maintains that database). Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure a Freshwater supporter has posted just one of the documents, Freshwater’s summary brief. It runs 180 pages. It’s disjointed, rambling, and on one reading looks like an attempt to fling all the crap Hamilton can find or make up at a wall in the hope that some will stick. There are (at least) two different conspiracy theories embedded in it along with vicious allegations of incompetence, malice, and lying on the part of any number of witnesses. And there is more than enough purple prose to frame the wall of crap twice over.

After all the docs are available online–including the Board’s summary brief, the two sides’ replies to the opposing summary briefs, and an amicus brief from the Dennises–I’ll try to summarize them. That will be a chore, lemme tell you!