Freshwater: Hearing documents up at NCSE

UPDATE It turns out that the documents were not officially released. I have therefore asked NCSE to take them down and they’ve done so. I was misled by a posting on Accountability in the Media which said Hamilton’s brief “was released Thursday” (Sep 17). I inferred that it had been released by R. Lee Shepherd, the referee and that all the documents were publishable. It now turns out that’s not the case; Shepherd has not yet released the documents.


~~The five final documents submitted to the referee of the administrative hearing on John Freshwater’s termination are up on NCSE’s site. They are the Board of Education’s summary brief, Freshwater’s summary brief, the Board’s reply to Freshwater’s summary, Freshwater’s reply to the Board’s summary, and an amicus brief submitted by the Dennises.

Happy reading!~~