Ark Encounter Watch web site to track park's progress and controversy

I’ve created a new web site,, to track the progress and construction of Answers in Genesis’s latest assault on common sense and good taste, the Ark Encounter theme park. I’ll aggregate news stories, blog posts, and other coverage on one site where visitors can survey reactions from the media, the public, and other sources.

Anyone coming across information related to Ark Encounter can forward it to me for posting, skip (AT) penguinsites (DOT) com.

Also on the site is a modest challenge. Mr. Ham, why not spend that hundred million plus proving what you’ve so adamantly insisted all these years: prove the Ark is physically possible. If you can build the vessel using the same methods Noah is supposed to have used, load it up with approximately the same number of animals, and eight people can successfully care for them on the water for the same length of time the flood was supposed to have taken I’ll be the first to start tithing to your museum.

And we’ll even grant you success even in calmer waters than must have existed if the catastrophic flood really happened. On the other hand, if the eight people die from suffocation under massive piles of every kind of animal poop imaginable, they will be honored martyrs for the cause, no matter how bad they smell at their funerals.