Kentucky Jumps the Ark

by Daniel Phelps

Answers in Genesis ministries has partnered with Ark Encounters, to build an 800 acre theme park in Grant County, Kentucky (a rural part of the north central Bluegrass). The theme park will feature a “full scale replica” of Noah’s Ark as well as other “attractions” as proposed here.

The project has received support from the highest levels of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s government. On Wednesday, December 1, Governor Beshear held a press conference with officials from AIG and Ark Encounters to announce that the state is giving the creationists a tax incentive to bring jobs to the cash strapped region. Up to $37.5 million of the $150 million total cost could go to the creationists in the form of tax breaks under Kentucky’s Tourism Development Act. Apparently, the theme park can withhold 25% of the sales tax it collects up to 25% of the total cost for building the park under the Tourism Development Act.