Merry Kitzmas +5!!

My, how the time has flown! NCSE has linked to several 5-year anniversary articles in Pennsylvania papers, including the York Dispatch and the Philadelphia Inquirer. I liked this bit:

Michael Behe said he doesn’t hear anybody talk about Kitzmiller v. Dover anymore.

Behe, a biochemist and professor at Lehigh University, testified as an expert witness in support of intelligent design. “I don’t hear anybody talk about it … except the guys on the side who won,” Behe said.

“It’s an interesting legal event,” he said in reflection. “But it doesn’t affect the science. The scientific case for intelligent design keeps getting stronger.”

In the five years since, Behe said scientists are discovering how complex cells are beyond previous understanding, and he believes that helps support intelligent design as a valid scientific theory.

Not that any of that would have affected Jones’ ruling, Behe said.

“It didn’t seem to me the judge understood any of the scientific evidence anyway,” Behe said.

Jones discounted Behe’s testimony, Behe said.

“There was a disconnect between how I thought I did on the witness stand, and how my testimony was characterized by the judge,” he said. “It really soured me on the legal system.”

If presented with the opportunity again, though, he’d be back on the stand. Intelligent design supporters have to participate, he said, or “people will think we were afraid to show up.”

Of course, the majority of ID experts were, but that’s all history now…

Just let us know when your argument improves beyond “I won’t believe evolution unless someone gives me every single mutation and every single selective step, literal piles of peer-reviewed literature on the evolution of e.g. the immune system aren’t good enough.” Then maybe you’ll have something ready for prime time…

Merry Kitzmas!