Precambrian reptile found with preserved skin

Ediacaran_lizard.jpgIt’s hard to believe, but a reptile has been found in Precambrian strata (specifically Ediacaran) – with preserved skin. This sometimes happens in more recent deposits, but there has never been a case this old. Plus, this fossil is the first one I’ve ever seen that could meet Haldane’s criteria for falsifying evolution: a Precambrian rabbit. I mean, I guess now that push comes to shove I have to say that I wouldn’t give up evolution because of one out of place fossil, but I’ve always prided myself on sticking to the evidence, so I figured I should post it as soon as I heard about it.

I wouldn’t normally trust a find like this before it’s been published, but it was discovered by long-time, reliable veteran Chris Nedin. It was only the creationists who said “Nedin cannot be trusted”, us evolutionists knew he was as good as gold.