This Week in Intelligent Design - 05/04/11

_Intelligent design news from the 30th of March to the 5th of April, 2011._

Sometimes, keeping up with the intelligent design movement can feel like a full-time job. Other times... not so much. While some of the output by the Discovery Institute and its related organisations is somewhat novel, most of it is simply rehashed ideas from a limited pool. This week was a fairly good example of the latter. We had copy-and-paste arguments for the positive nature of the design argument, as well as an unsurprising plug for a blatantly religious debate, not to mention many, many posts on _Uncommon Descent_ about- well, I don't really know. The words just tend to blend together after a while, forming a soup of pseudo-philosophy and rhetoric.

The only really "novel" thing this week was something to do with April Fool's Day... and it wasn't novel in a good way.