This Week in Intelligent Design - 27/04/11

_Intelligent design news from the 21st of April to the 27th of April, 2011._

The Discovery Institute has been extremely relaxed with its posting over the last week - partially explaining why this is slightly late, there was no massive compulsion on my part to hastily set the record straight on certain blog posts before other new items swallowed the spotlight - and whether this is an external representation of the internal busyness of the organisation, I'm not sure. Perhaps Casey Luskin was too busy doing proper science-attorney things too blog much this week.

But it doesn't really matter, there's enough meat for me to sink my metaphorical blogging teeth into. Also, I remember the last time there was a slump in blogging output from the Discovery Institute: I predicted wonderful things were about to happen, but I was wrong. So, I'll try not to read anything into it.

This week's TWiID covers pseudogenes and "Darwinian assumptions", enzyme evolution and ID, and the traditional religious bias of the Discovery Institute.