How To Reclaim A Derogatory Nickname, with Michael Egnor

\[[Republished]( from _Homologous Legs_\]

The Novellatron1 - the skeptical, alien-made robot also known as [Dr. Steven Novella]( - has many detractors in the worlds of pseudoscience and antiscience, but none that I would call his nemesis: other than perhaps that of Dr. Michael Egnor, conservative Catholic neurosurgeon and ID proponent. Hmm, then again, maybe "nemesis" is too strong a word, and one that gives too much credit to Egnor. But he does seem to be the one person that keeps coming back for more slices of Novellatron pie, time after time, as unwise as that is.

Despite his [fierce Internet battles]( with the Novellatron over dualism, neuroscience and, of course, intelligent design/evolution, Egnor never had a website of his own, instead using the resources of the Discovery Institute's main blog, _Evolution News & Views_. Until now, of course.

So, I give to you: _[Egnorance]( Yes, that is its name (and don't worry about it wearing out). It has to be the single boldest attempt at derogatory nickname-reclaiming I've ever witnessed, based purely on the fact that the term can't really be anything **but** a pun revolving around how ignorant Egnor is about many of the topics he passionately defends. He's too conservative and middle-aged to be a hipster, so the ironic angle doesn't work either. How perplexing.

Anyway, he's in sparkling form over there, throwing out posts with rather alarming speed. (The speed almost gets me thinking about how he could possibly be keeping up with his professional career in surgery.) The usual topics are covered, including [atheism](, [evolution](, [abortion](, [same-sex marriage]( and [climate change]( it's all as you would expect from a pro-ID, arch-conservative Catholic.

I won't talk in detail about anything he says (even though I easily could - there's just so much to choose from!), lest I provoke [his wrath]( and he [writes something]( about me. Then again, would that be such a bad thing after all?

Good luck with reclaiming your writing's nickname, Michael Egnor. Good luck. You'll need it.


1. This is my nickname for Steve, and it is [fast](!/High5forscience/status/86410475545440256) [becoming](!/KO_Myers/status/86412752737943552) his official nickname. It will be confirmed for certain when I go to [TAM 9]( next month, just you wait.