This Month in Intelligent Design - June 2011

_Intelligent design news and discussion for the month of June, 2011._

I thought it would be best to wait until a month had passed to start doing TWiID again, mainly because:

  1. I think whole anthropochronological divisions are beautiful, in a rather frivolous way, and
  2. Not many overtly, over-the-top exciting ID things happened in June that warranted immediate attention by my loosely serious writings.

As such, this will be a slight departure from the usual TWiID style you might be used to. Instead of going into detail on only three or four pieces put out by the intelligent design movement, I'll briefly to semi-briefly touch on a large number of them: in essence, all the vaguely interesting ones. But don't worry, the regular weekly schedule will be back from next week.

So, on with the show!