Springboro Update

Kelly Kohls, the nutritionist and school board member in Springboro, Ohio, who advocated teaching creationism in that district, has revised her position. She now says that she

…wants parents of students in public schools to have options if they want their children to learn about theories like intelligent design.

and that

… parents should have the choice of using state funds to send their children to other schools if they want to learn about creationism and intelligent design.

A potential route, she thinks, is school vouchers, where state money is paid to parents to send their children to private, often sectarian, schools.

Read more in the Dayton Daily News. One parent quoted there has exactly the right idea:

Tina Gangl, who has a daughter in Springboro elementary school and a son at the nearby Catholic Bishop Fenwick High School, said public schools should not teach religion.

“We need to educate our children about science,” Gangl said, “If I want to teach my religion to my kids I’ll send them to a religious school. There is no place for it in public school.”