These Weeks in Intelligent Design - 09/08/11

_Intelligent design news and discussion for July 1st to August 9th, 2011._

Did the ID movement miss me whilst I was gone? Maybe, maybe not. I don't pretend to believe I'm important enough to be noticed, so I'll leave that there. But then again, I don't blog to necessarily be noticed and to directly engage with the ID crowd: I blog in order to disseminate correct information and to share a passion for science and demonstrable truth (as tacky as that phrase is - I apologise).

So, yes, this is a TWiID that encompasses a little over a month of pro-ID blog posts. As usual, only the most interesting ones will be touched upon: who has the time/sadomasochistic inclination to fully subject themselves to over 30 posts from the Discovery Institute? Not I, not I.