Evolution education across the life sciences

I hope this is not too far off task, but I wanted to brag that my colleague Paul Strode is one of two high-school science teachers who will take part in the national Education across the Life Sciences meeting in Washington. According to an article in the Boulder Daily Camera, he will serve on a panel on “Thinking Evolutionarily: Evolution Education across the Life Sciences.” The purpose of the meeting, which is sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, is to

enable educational leaders, members of professional scientific societies, and members of other scientific and science education organizations to develop a strategic plan that will develop a national database of resources from disciplines across the life sciences to help faculty make evolutionary science a central focus of introductory biology survey courses and other courses across the life sciences curriculum.

Incidentally, I am the unnamed Colorado School of Mines (not University of Colorado) professor who co-authored the book Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) with Dr. Strode. I hope no one will consider it churlish of me to note that I am somewhat bemused by the fact that, when the book came out, I could not get the Camera to review it.