That's PROFESSOR Reed to you, baby

Well, it had to happen sometime. Yet another one of our own, veteran TO-poster, long-time PT contributor, hacker, and guru Reed Cartwright, has taken the academic plunge and accepted a tenure-track appointment.
(As if it wasn’t enough being the current Huxley Faculty Fellow at Rice University!)
Reed starts this coming January 2012 as an Assistant Professor with the Biodesign Institute (does that have the D-word in it?) at Arizona State University.
He will be sharing his lab space with Prof. Steve Steve, of course.


Word also has it that, as all good geneticists should, Reed has successfully replicated himself (albeit quite imperfectly, only 50% genetic identity by descent). As you can plainly see above, these life-changing events have had quite an effect on the poor Reed.

Congratulations Prof Cartwright!