"Documentary" on Ark Park

Dan Phelps, author of a recent PT article on the Creation “Museum”, sent us this link to a “documentary” on “replicating” the Ark. The “documentary” is a three-part series and has supposedly been produced for PBS stations.

Mr. Phelps says he could not find any PBS stations that are actually airing the “documentary.” Can any reader point to a PBS station that has shown it or plans to show it?

***Update, October 10: Joe Sonka, in an article for the Louisville newspaper LEO Weekly, reports that PBS has no knowledge of any documentary. He quotes Ken Ham, however, as saying that PBS had agreed to three documentaries. Perhaps Mr. Ham is exaggerating.

The director of the “documentary,” Johan Bos, incidentally, is associated with an oddball outfit that offers classes in film production and guarantees, “This class is a Christian safe environment. This class does not teach secular or worldly views.” A Christian-safe environment. I had no idea that Christianity was so fragile.***

The “documentary” is a production of James Hout, who claims “30 years of production” and a forthcoming book that has been “considered” for a TV movie. The director of the movie, Johan Bos, seems to be connected with an institution called the Verity Institute, which offers an accredited bachelor’s degree in 21 months and a Bible-centered curriculum.

Incidentally, from our “catty” department: Can any reader spot the punctuation error in Mr. Houts’ home page?

The first person to respond correctly receives two copies a copy of his book; the second person gets one two.*

* No, it’s a joke!