How to fund creationism in schools

The Times last week ran an article on the implementation of school vouchers in a number of states. My concern here is that the vouchers may be applied to religious schools and possibly home schools that have little oversight.

According to the Times article, in 2002, the United States Supreme Court ruled that school vouchers may be applied to private religious schools on the pretext (my locution, not theirs) that the money was given to the parents, not the schools – and never mind that the parents are only a conduit.

Most recently, again according to the Times, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld a voucher program, and Alabama enacted legislation giving a tax credit to parents who take their children “out of failing public schools* and enroll them in private schools, or at least in better-performing public schools.” Arizona expanded an existing program, and the governor of New Jersey has included a voucher program in his budget.

Thus will creationism come to be taught, not in public schools, but with public money.

* “Failing public schools” has become a mantra. Why do we never hear of “failing private schools” or “failing charter schools”?