Ken hams it up, parodizes self

My old friend, the Alert Reader, sent me a cartoon that he claimed had appeared on Ken Ham’s Facebook page. Captioned “Famous sayings of Ken Ham,” the cartoon shows a caricature of Ham and three balloons, including this one:

It’s designed to do what it does do.

What it does do it does do well.

Doesn’t it?

Yes, it does.

I think it does.

Do you? I do.

Hope you do, too. Do you?

I found it hard to believe that the cartoon was not a parody and wondered why it is found on Ham’s own Facebook page. The Alert Reader responded with the following, also reportedly from Ham’s Facebook page:

Yesterday I spoke to hundreds of children and adults at the Homeschool Convention (Teach Them Diligently Convention) in Spartanburg, South Carolina. To help children remember what I teach them, I now give them two cards with colorful information on the front and back of each card that summarizes what is taught during the presentation. This is the back of one of these cards. The atheists have already had emotional meltdowns across the [I]nternet because I teach students how to think correctly about origins by asking ‘Were You There?’–so they can continue to have their meltdowns as thousands upon thousands of children are given these cards across the nation. I will be giving these out to the hundreds of kids who will be attending the AiG conference in the Atlanta area today and tomorrow.

OK, I have to agree that the cartoon is real. I have yet to see a better example of Poe’s law. Ken Ham, once again, commits autoparody.