Photography contest, V

Polish your lenses again (but not dry, please) – this post announces the fifth Panda’s Thumb photography contest. We encourage entries in a single, general category, which includes pictures of just about anything of scientific interest. If we get enough entries, consistently with the rules, we may award additional prizes, presuming, of course, that we can find more prizes.

We dedicate this contest to the memory of our colleague Mark Perakh. First prize will be a copy of his book Unintelligent Design.

4 x 5 film holder (2 exposures), Tri-X film (24 exposures), SD memory card (>1000 exposures).

The rules will be substantially the same as last year’s and will be posted in detail on Monday, July 8, at noon, Mountain Daylight Time (UTC - 6 h). We will accept entries from July 8 through 22, inclusive.

We will leave this post in place for one week.