Ideas for figures - comments welcome

I’m working on an article discussing “Trends in Evolution”, to be written for a broad audience interested in science, but not experts.  I’ve already narrowed it down to a few sub-topics to focus on, but I would like some advice on figures.

I am working on figures to succinctly illustrate how evolution works, while also addressing common misconceptions. What do you think? How can I improve these? What have I unwittingly misrepresented? Which do you like best?

1. Evolution is the gradual change of populations over time, not distinct transitions between species.

Here, I’ve already received feedback that I should remove the word “gradual”. I agree that “gradual” is a relative term, and in many cases, evolution happens very quickly. Given that I work on long-lived species, I tend to use “gradual”, and like it for this example.

 2. Individuals mutate, populations evolve


3. Individuals represent a subset of variation within populations. Populations evolve.


I think this one might be assuming too much background information, or just be too vague.