NCSE launches "Science League of America" blog

Via Facebook, we learn that the National Center for Science Education has launched a new blog called Science League of America. From Josh Rosenau’s intro post:

In August of 1924, Maynard Shipley–a science communicator and formerly a shoe salesman, music teacher, and criminologist–feared a creationist onslaught. A year before the Scopes monkey trial, Shipley saw that antievolutionists like William Jennings Bryan “have started their campaign against the theory of evolution with the avowed intent of putting in the place of science the Book of Genesis.”* He sent forth a call to friends and compatriots who shared his concern, urging them to join him in establishing “The Science League of America.”

The new NCSE blog is intended to honor Shipley’s goals while updating content. The blog will feature “…NCSE staff and our friends and allies from the field …”. Give it a look; the initial posts–five of them–are up.