Ark Park disinvites Daniel Phelps

Several weeks ago we reported that Daniel Phelps had received a “Dear Danny” letter from Ken Ham and the Ark Park. You may have noticed that on the third page of the letter, “Danny” was specifically invited to “join Ken Ham and other leaders of the Ark Encounter project … for one of two special events on either October 4 or 5, 2013.” Alas, poor Danny received a very terse letter, which says in its entirety

[Update, October 4, 2014. Earlier today I received a press release, which I summarize in the 17th comment below, dated today at 3:15 pm.]

Mr. Phelps,

Your request to attend the AiG supporters event on Oct. 4 and 5 is declined.

Joe Boone

Not even the courtesy of a proper greeting (Dear Mr. Phelps) or a complimentary close; does no one teach these people how to write a proper letter? It is no wonder they cannot raise sufficient money and have to hornswoggle the city of Williamstown.

Meanwhile, today NPR carried a short piece devoted to several so-called Arks. I was most amused by the ninny who compared Noah’s Ark with climate change – does he really think that climate change causes earthquakes and tsunamis? I am afraid the answer is “yes.” I suppose we should be grateful, on the other hand, that he accepts the reality of climate change.

Mike Zovath of Ken Ham’s Ark Park was interviewed for the report and noted that Noah and his crew had to “deal with 12 million tons of waste every day.” How would they have dealt with it? “‘Very, very carefully I think,’ Zovath says. ‘I’m not sure how they did that.’” Not sure how they did that?! What he means is that he has not the foggiest idea, and the Ark Park is a monumental scam.