The platypus is not a hybrid. But, these are still fun.

Speaking of hybrids, I was reminded that after my post about the platypus (check it out here), I received a lot of funny depictions of the platypus as a hybrid. Before I share, however, let’s get one thing straight:

The platypus is not a hybrid.
The platypus is not a hybrid.
The platypus is not a hybrid.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s have some fun. Every time you see one, you can be the one to explain that the platypus belongs to a unique lineage of mammals that, while awesome, is not a beaver-duck hybrid (or maybe that’s just what I’ll do). Please share more in the comments.

From Tracy Heath, via the blog “Something that I like”:

Venn diagrams were never so awesome.

From Clement Chow via

Via cheezeburger. com

From a comment, via


From Clement Chow, artwork by styrofoamdiablo:

“Beaver+Duck-Eggo: Platypus” by styrofoamdiablo

From Clement Chow, from shirtwoot:

“Mystery of the Platypus Solved” from shirtwoot

From Jacob A. Tennessen (at OSU), the Platypus Trophy, which is awarded to either the Oregon Ducks, or the Oregon State Beavers, after their annual football game.

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