"We believe in dinosaurs" to feature Phelps, MacMillan


The new film, “We believe in dinosaurs,” follows the construction of the Ark “replica” in Kentucky for several years and features Dan Phelps, who has often provided fodder for Panda’s Thumb; David MacMillan, the former creationist who wrote a series for Panda’s Thumb; and Doug Henderson, who fabricated many of the dinosaurs and other exhibits in the Ark “replica.” Mr. Phelps also posted an article describing his visit to the Ark Park on the website of the National Center for Science Education.

The filmmakers, Clayton Brown and Monica Ross, investigated “America’s troubled, strange, confusing relationship with science,” says Linda Blackford in the Lexington Herald-Leader. Mr. Brown and Ms. Ross followed the construction of the Ark “replica” for three years, and their film is now entering the final stages. Previous films by the same company, 137 Films, incidentally, include “The Atom Smashers,” which ran on PBS, and “The Believers,” which is now streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

According to Ms. Blackford, Ken Ham thinks that the filmmakers misrepresented themselves and suggested that the film will be a “mockumentary.” How Mr. Ham knows that, when he has not seen the film, escapes me. Mr. Brown, for his part, told Ms. Blackford, “At the end of the day, we want everyone to see the film. We’re not trying to do a gotcha.”

Mr. Phelps informs us that 137 Films is now seeking $50,000 for editing, buying music rights, and whatever else is needed to complete the film. You may access their Indiegogo campaign here and see a nice summary of the film. 137 Films is a nonprofit, so any contribution may be tax deductible in the US. As of this writing, they have raised a bit over $40,000, with just under three weeks to go. Finally, you may follow them on Facebook here.