Photo contest ends...

… in 4 3 2 1 0 days, Wednesday, July 19 at noon, MDT.

Update, July 19: The deadline for submitting entries has passed. To be safe, though, I will list the names of those who have submitted photographs. If you submitted something to and your name does not appear, please contact us at OK, here goes: DullienV, DullienR, Fugate, Andreas, RiceJ, RiceA, May, Kocher, Sturtevant, Susek, Phelps. If your name is not on the list and should be, please contact us right away.

Update, July 18: We have received a report that may not work properly, and a test message did not go through (or at least was not forwarded correctly). Please send submissions to

If you did not get a response, please assume that your submission was not received and send it again to the pandasphotocontest address.