Today being Valentine’s Day and all that, I thought I would link to an article, Chocolate is a Valentine’s best friend, by Carol O’Meara of the Colorado State University Extension Service. The article was printed in today’s Boulder Daily Camera.

As an official and, if I may say so, unrepentant chocoholic, I was somewhat surprised by Ms. O’Meara’s statement that the average per-capita consumption of chocolate in the United States is 5.5 kg/y. If I ate one of these

And it is good for you too!

every day for 1 y, that would come to somewhat over 3 kg. I do not eat one every day (though I get some chocolate from other sources, such as Matt’s Orgasmic Brownies), and I cannot imagine eating perhaps twice as much as I do now. Still, I do not know who Sandra J. Dykes was, but I have to agree with her: Love, Shmove. I’d rather have chocolate.