Limax maximus

Photograph by Al Denelsbeck.
Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Limax maximus – leopard slug. Mr. Denelsbeck writes, "Commonly called leopard slugs and often found in excess of 8 cm in length, this is a pair of Limax maximus in the process of mating. Like most gastropods, leopard slugs are hermaphroditic, so the brilliant blue penises seen intertwined here contain both male and female sexual organs, and are engaging their counterparts simultaneously. And yes, they are emerging from an opening on the right side of the slug's forebody in a region we might charitably consider near the ear, if slugs had any such thing. While doing this, the slugs are dangling from the tree on an extra-strength length of mucus, for reasons I refuse to speculate upon. All I know is I always carry a flashlight while walking under trees at night anymore ...." See also what Mr. Denelsbeck calls his own shameless blog post.