Ice floes

Photograph by Dan Moore.

This article in the Post reminded me of a photo – and the accompanying commentary – that Dan Moore sent us in 2015 (though not for entry into the contest). We posted Mr. Moore’s 2015 photo of a polar bear 2 weeks ago, so perhaps that is one reason that I made the association.

Ice floes
Ice floe. Mr. Moore writes, "By the way, our ship got caught in the ice and had to be freed by a Canadian ice breaker. Global warming – what?? Actually, yes – so much ice broke free further north near the polar ice cap and was blown south into the shipping channels that we could not get through." Mr. Moore's photograph was taken at least 3.5 y ago, so the situation may be worse now.

Below the fold, a picture of the icebreaker coming to the rescue.

The Canadian icebreaker.