Total eclipse of the moon

I think I have waited at least since I was 10 y old (never mind how long ago that was) to see a total eclipse of the moon. I finally saw a good one the other day and did not even have to squander my grandson’s inheritance to see it. Instead, I took my camera and a tripod and went into the back yard. Despite the approximately 1 h of totality, the eclipse was much harder than the solar eclipse, in part because the camera did not autofocus on such a dim image. At any rate, I set the camera to exposure bracketing and F/8, ISO 200 except during totality, and went at it, with the following result.

Lunar eclipse
Total eclipse of the moon, approximately 8:30-12:00 MST, January 20, 2019.

Acknowledgement: Once again Fred Espenak’s exposure guide was invaluable and saved a lot of fiddling.