Six Darwin Day facts from Pew

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin in the 1830's. Wikimedia, public domain.

Tomorrow, February 12, is Darwin Day, and David Masci of the Pew Research Center has very conveniently come out with 6 facts about the evolution debate. You could quibble with his failure to use scare quotes over the term debate, but his facts are to some extent comforting. A sampling of these facts:

Fact 1. Approximately 80 % of US adults say that “humans have evolved over time.” About half of US adults think that God or someone else guided the process, which is frankly not an inherently anti-scientific position. About 20 % of US adults think that humans have always existed their present form; that is, of course, true, because before they evolved to their present form they were not humans.

Fact 3. Approximately 75 % of US adults recognize that biologists think that “humans have evolved over time due to processes such as natural selection.” Those who reject evolution, by contrast, are split roughly 50-50 on whether most biologists actually think that humans have evolved. In fact, 98 % of AAAS biologists agree that humans have evolved over time.

Fact 5. Those who are religiously observant are less likely to find that science and religion are in conflict. Two-thirds think that their own “religious beliefs do not clash with accepted scientific doctrine.”