Enquirer discovers biblical evolution


Ken Ham, who pretends that a bronze-age myth is the equivalent of modern evolutionary biology, accuses the National Enquirer of making everything up. Here, according to what a little bird, or possibly a dove, told us, is what Mr. Ham posted on Twitter:

This is so right! What a place for this article re the Ark @ArkEncounter to be in the National Enquire[r,] which makes everything up—& this particular Ark story is a work of fiction! Yes, in the National Enquirer & on atheist websites—the best places for the fictional article.

Just for fun, we looked up the National Enquirer article , which reported, as we had earlier, that the Ark Park had suffered water damage. The Enquirer reported, correctly, that the Ark Park’s insurance carriers had not answered the Ark Park’s prayers and refused to cover the damage or, as they put it, fork over $1 million to repair the damage. The Enquirer noted, also correctly, that the damage had occurred in far less than 40 days and 40 nights, though they seem to think that the Ark itself was damaged (according to the (Louisville) Courier-Journal only an access road was damaged).

We could also fault the Enquirer for the tacit assumption that the structure is in fact a wooden replica of Noah’s Ark, but that would be churlish of us. We point out, however, that the original Ark was surely not a 150-m-long replica of a modern ship, but was more likely a basket.