AIG blames school shootings on teaching science

Another guest commentary by Dan Phelps.

Cartoon from the movie, "Creation versus Evolution: Why It Matters."

Last Thursday (September 26), AIG put their latest weekly video recorded live at the Creation “Museum” on YouTube. This latest offal offering was given by Bodie Hodge, an engineer working for Answers in Genesis. Mr. Hodge’s main qualification seems to be that he is Ken Ham’s son-in-law. Most of his talk, “Creation versus Evolution: Why It Matters,” is a forgettable theological discussion with poorly reasoned slams against modern science. The most offensive part appears about 58 minutes in, where Hodge shows the ludicrous AIG cartoon, above, that claims public school students are taught many objectionable things that lead to murderous students. In reality students are taught none of the subjects in the cartoon, except possibly for evolution. Hodge ignores that most public school teachers are actually religious and no one, religious or not, teaches these creationist boogeymen. Hodge follows the bizarre AIG party line of claiming science education leads to school shootings.

AIG has made these scurrilous claims against science education and educators before. Here, for example, is a short video they made several years ago.

AIG’s Ark attraction is receiving a $1.825 million a year in tax incentive rebates from Kentucky, while Kentucky continues to cut funding for education. AIG’s simplistic and poorly reasoned attacks on science and education are supported by people in high levels of Kentucky’s government. For example, this is a selfie by Kentucky’s Governor Matt Bevin from a couple of years ago:

Ham and governor
Selfie showing Ken Ham and Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky.