Kentucky governor loses election

The New York Times reports this morning that Democrat Andy Beshear has narrowly defeated the incumbent governor, Republican Matt Bevin, in the election for governor of Kentucky. Mr. Bevin is the governor who decided not to appeal a federal judge’s decision that the state had violated the Ark Park’s First Amendment protections when the previous administration blocked a tax incentive.

The election was close, with Mr. Beshear defeating Gov. Bevin by approximately 710,00 to 705,000, or 49.2 % to 48.8 %. A minor-party candidate received approximately 2 % of the vote. The Times says this morning at 12:15 p.m. EST that Gov. Bevin has refused to concede. Probably the tax incentive has little to do with Gov. Bevin’s defeat (he was unpopular over cuts in government services and his handling of a teacher walkout), but maybe it helped.