What are the most important misconceptions about evolution?

Street art from Teheran, 2007. Photo by Paul Keller

Misconceptions about evolution abound, but rather too little is said about them. I’d like to open a discussion here, in the comments. In the slightly longer run, we could have a series of articles about them; I’d be happy to post these on behalf of their authors. But first, it would help to have a discussion of what are the most important, and most misleading, misconceptions about evolution.

Another good source of information on this is the Talk Origins Archive which has quite a few excellent articles. The most widely-cited is probably Doug Theobald’s outstanding “29+ Evidences of Macroevolution”. Without detracting from the great service that the TOA is providing, it has been less actively updated lately. So having some more discussions here seems like a good idea. Perhaps we can compile a master list of misconceptions. Let’s discuss.