Lochmaeus manteo

Photograph by Al Denelsbeck.

Photography Contest, Honorable Mention.

Moth larva.
Lochmaeus manteovariable oakleaf caterpillar moth larva. Mr. Denelsbeck writes, "I was doing closeup images of the head of what was possibly a variable oakleaf caterpillar moth larva, when the flash brought up something curious. Apparently, between the translucent exoskeleton and the light angle, I got a glimpse of the internal anatomy of the caterpillar, but whether that is the actual brain or not I cannot say. I just liked the comic-book nuclear effect. The caterpillar measured 25 mm overall, with the head being just 2.5 mm in width." I stared at Mr. Denelsbeck's photo for a long time, incidentally, before I realized that the body is in the upper left, and the mouthparts, I think, in the lower right. If that is wrong, take me to task in the Comments.