AIG's Statement of Faith Outdoes Itself

Dan Phelps, in a guest post on Pharyngula, observed the other day that Answers in Genesis’s Statement of Faith Becomes More Strident, and indeed it has. Mr. Phelps has dredged up the old version of the statement of faith from the Wayback Machine and compared it with the new. You may read Mr. Phelps’s article for yourself, but in a nutshell, he notes that the new version argues that

  • No fact may be considered valid if it contradicts the "scriptural record."
  • The only valid marriage is that between a naturally born [sic] man and a naturally born woman.
  • Social justice, intersectionality, and critical race theory are anti-Biblical.
  • Gender and sex are the same thing, and attempts to change your "sex (gender)" are sinful.
  • Death, suffering, and "natural evils" such as hurricanes and earthquakes are a direct consequence of sin.

All this matters, in part, because Answers in Genesis operates the Ark Park in Williamstown, Kentucky. As Mr. Phelps notes in his article and as we have reported in PT, the Ark Park on the one hand purports to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, and on the other hand requires prospective employees to sign its increasingly strident Statement of Faith. For more detail, see also Does AIG lie about Affirmative Action?, AIG’s ambivalent relation to the tax code (written primarily by Ed Hensley), and When is a for-profit corporation not for profit?