Apex predator was vegetarian: AIG

Carcharodontosaurus reconstruction. Credit: Fred Wierum. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Guest post by Dan Phelps, to whom we are indebted for unearthing this whopper from Answers in Genesis:

Once again, creationists are misrepresenting a recent dinosaur discovery. This time it is a large carcharodontosaur from Uzbekistan that was recently described in a paper, A new carcharodontosaurian theropod dinosaur occupies apex predator niche in the early Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan, by Kohei Tanaka and colleagues from the universities of Tsukuba, Hokkaido, and Calgary.

On today’s “Answers News,” an online news video by Answers in Genesis, their employees (including Ken Ham’s son-in-law, Bodie Hodge) discuss this dinosaur. The discussion can be found from about 9 minutes, 30 seconds to about 14 minutes in this YouTube video. As is par for the course, they ignore the actual publication and rely instead on popular press discussions such as this one . They also add their bizarre creationist interpretations and claim the fossil was buried in Noah’s Flood.

Even more ridiculously, they suggest the theropod dinosaur – the apex predator! – may have been a vegetarian. This would be amusing except that AIG is misinforming children and adults via such broadcasts as above, the Creation “Museum,” and their Kentucky-taxpayer–subsidized “Ark Encounter.”