Cicada molting

Photograph by Dan Phelps.

Cicada – unknown species, Lexington, Kentucky, July 17, 2015. Mr. Phelps notes, "The cicada was on my back porch. It apparently crawled up a beam after digging itself out of the ground. It split its nymph skin and was in the process of letting its wings dry when I took the photo. They are beautifully colored when they first come out like this. They eventually become darker colors. This is an annual cicada, not one of the 13- or 17-year types. Don’t know which species since this one just molted. Most of the photos available for identification are for ones that are not freshly molted from the nymph stage. This photo is rotated correctly – the nymph had been crawling up the post before stopping to split its skin and emerge as an adult."