Eric Hedin claims to have been "canceled"

Eric Hedin is a physicist who was ordered to stop teaching intelligent-design creationism at Ball State University, as we reported here several years ago. Far from being canceled, Prof. Hedin was promoted to Associate Professor and, I assume, granted tenure. He nevertheless left Ball State for Biola “University,” formerly Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

According to Jerry Coyne, Eric Hedin beefs about being “canceled” at Ball State by the FFRF and me, but forgives me, showing a cat leading me to Jesus!. I incline to agree with Prof. Coyne: Prof. Hedin was by no means canceled; he was promoted for Chrissake! At any rate, Prof. Hedin has now written a book published by the Discovery Institute, presumably because no real publisher would touch it. His video, Canceled Science, may be found here. I have not watched it yet, but I promise to do so when I return home and comment if I think it is appropriate.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you enjoy Prof. Coyne’s article.