ICR argues that science refutes junk DNA

[Screen shot of ICR junk DNA video]
ICR junk DNA video (screenshot above, for video click here)

Now that most molecular biologist and genomicists have concluded (erroneously) that the notion of “junk DNA” was a mistake, here comes the Institute for Creation Research to crow about how wrong the scientists were and how the real science shows that humans are descended from Adam and Eve only thousands of years ago. Above you will find the ICR video (click on the link in the caption, the figure is only a screenshot).

It's been suggested by a commenter at Sandwalk that we do a crowdsourced critique of this video here at Panda's Thumb. Fortunately, a response has already been done by Daniel Stern Cardinale. See below ...

Cardinale, who teaches at Rutgers University, critiques the ICR video in detail in a YouTube video in his “Creation Myths” YouTube channel. (Take a look at the other videos, there is a lot of good stuff there).

[Screen shot of Daniel Stern Cardinale response to ICR junk DNA video]
Daniel Stern Cardinale reply to ICR junk DNA video (screenshot above, for video click here)