Myers, Phelps dissect creationist video

I am right now watching an unnamed video in which PZ Myers and Dan Phelps dissect a creationist video by Answers in Genesis functionary Tim Chaffey. The format is essentially that Prof. Myers plays a bit of the Chaffey video, then pauses and – I was going to say they dissect it, but demolish may be the better word.

The original video is rather odd: it appears to have been speeded up, and all the pauses have been eliminated. It is as if they want to get through their arguments so fast that you cannot understand or refute them. (See also: Gish gallop.)

I have not finished watching the video yet, but one thing that caught my attention was this: Mr. Chaffey is at pains to demonstrate that the Ark was big enough to hold all the “kinds” necessary. Apart from his risible contention that sea creatures needed no saving from a flood that could carve the Grand Canyon, Mr. Chaffey seems to think that the Ark had enough space to house the necessary land creatures. In rebuttal, Prof. Myers cleverly looked up the land areas and numbers of species of several zoos, not to mention the number of employees. Suffice to say that the zoos occupied more area than the Ark and had more employees than Noah and his family. (Yes, I know, the zoos need room for visitors. Fine, cut the area and the number of employees by 5 and compare that to the Ark.)

I will watch the rest of the video later on, but please feel free to comment, and do not worry about spoilers.