PBS to rebroadcast “We Believe in Dinosaurs” in December

Allosaurus at the San Diego Museum of Natural History. Wikimedia. Photograph by user Sheep81. Public domain.

Daniel Phelps was featured in the full-length documentary film We Believe in Dinosaurs, which we reported on here. The film was later slightly shortened to accommodate a 1-hour television program; that version was broadcast February 17, 2020. Below is what we received from Mr. Phelps.

I was recently forwarded the message below from ITVS Avis, the producer of the documentary. It looks as if PBS will again air the documentary “We Believe in Dinosaurs” on the PBS show “Independent Lens” on December 19 and make the show available for free streaming until mid-January.

This is wonderful news. The documentary deserved more local and national coverage than it received when it first aired right before the CoVid pandemic hit in 2020. I hope recipients of this message will publicize the film and review it in appropriate publications.

Here is an edited version of the message:

I am reaching out to you today to let you know that we are bringing back your film, We Believe in Dinosaurs, on the Public Television Broadcast & the PBS Video Application. The scheduled TV air date & the Streaming window are as follows.

· TV Air Date: 10/9C, 12/19/2022

· Free Online streaming: 12/19/2022 - 01/15/2023 (28 days)

Viewing Instructions

During the streaming window, to watch We Believe in Dinosaurs on your computer, go to pbs.org/believeindinosaurs.

To watch the film on a TV, phone, or tablet, you'll need to download the PBS Video app. On a TV, that means downloading the app in Roku, Apple TV, or your smart TV interface. Once you're in the PBS Video app, look for the Independent Lens tile (or search for We Believe in Dinosaurs).

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