Tenodera sinensis

Photograph by Al Denelsbeck.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Chinese mantis emerging from egg sac
Tenodera_sinensis – Chinese mantids emerging from egg sac, or ootheca. Mr. Denelsbeck writes, "I have yet to capture the actual emergence, but this is not long afterward. They appear to do an immediate molt, or perhaps partial molt, while still attached to a fine thread, but from what I've been able to observe the legs aren't included in the fragments left behind, so perhaps one of the more entomological readers can clarify. Within the hour, that bulging forehead will shrink, the eyes will swell, and the classic mantis head will become apparent, as the legs begin to gain mobility. Some already-mobile siblings can be made out in the background. There is also a brief video [and additional photographs] to accompany this, found at http://wading-in.net/walkabout/2017/04/too-cool-part-35-a-modicum-of-success/." We think you will not be disappointed if you follow the link; the video is near the bottom of the page, following a half-dozen still photos.