Photography Contest XIV coming up

Box camera
BOX SCOUT/No. 2/ SENECA CAMERA MANUFACTURING COMPANY/Rochester New York USA. The camera has what looks like a landscape lens and precisely 2 shutter speeds: 1/30 s or thereabouts, and time. It uses Kodak 120 roll film with a 2-1/4 by 3-1/4 in format. Roll film, for the uninitiated, is a layer of film and a layer of paper wrapped around a cylinder of wood or metal. The layer of paper is still in the camera and advises the user to use Kodak Velox paper "for quality." According to a not necessarily reliable source, model 2A was manufactured between 1913 and 1920. The 2A, to my surprise, had an achromatic lens. I do not know when the model 2 was manufactured.

Last year, I had major surgery in early July and elected not to run the XIII-th photography contest. I think we can manage one this year. It will begin Monday, June 19, at noon Mountain Daylight Time. I will post the rules then, but they will be substantially the same as two years ago, which means we will accept entries until July 5. We will limit you to 3 photos per person, and I think we will have no special themes or categories, unless I get an inspiration in the next couple of weeks. We will display the finalists and open voting for the winner on July 10, close voting on July 21, and announce the winner on July 24. More on June 19!