Did a Panda’s Thumb post nix Ken Ham’s appearance on an ultra-conservative Christian podcast?

Ham and Stuckey
Ken Ham, right, with Allie Beth Stuckey on her soundstage.

Did a Panda’s Thumb post nix Ken Ham’s appearance on an ultra-conservative Christian podcast?

Back on June 7, 2023, Ken Ham tweeted that he had been interviewed for Allie Beth Stuckey’s podcast “Relatable.” Mr. Ham even included a picture of himself with Ms. Stuckey on her soundstage. I looked into this and was amused to find that Ms. Stuckey had done an earlier podcast where she discussed her conspiratorial beliefs that dinosaurs did not exist and that the moon landing was possibly faked. I published an account of this on June 9, 2023, on the Panda’s Thumb. To my surprise, Ms. Stuckey’s podcast with Mr. Ham, as of late July, 2023, has never aired as either a podcast or a YouTube video. I have fast forwarded thru all of her numerous podcasts and YouTube videos from early June to July 24, 2023, and she has never even mentioned Ken Ham.

However, Ms. Stuckey has once again mentioned her dinosaur denying conspiracy “theory” on a YouTube video (Episode 826, Why Teens Today Can’t Cope, dated June 21, 2023). During a bizarre discussion of the implosion of the Titan submersible and space/Mars exploration at 11 minutes 40 seconds into the podcast she states (occasionally speaking for God):

I don’t know why people want to go to space or go into the ocean. There’s a reason like, okay, there’s a reason why God made us have to stay on Earth – ‘I literally created a force to keep your feet on the ground – Why are you trying? – I didn’t give you gills – I didn’t give you the ability to go to Mars - I put you on Earth – Why do people do this?’ This is gonna be like someone’s gonna clip this and they’re gonna do the same thing they did with the Dinosaur Episode, yeah, which some people are still mad about. Oh well, be mad.

We can only speculate as to why the episode of Relatable with Ken Ham as a guest has never aired. Perhaps Ken Ham reads the Panda’s Thumb? Perhaps he actually had the integrity not to be associated with a dinosaur denier? Perhaps Ms. Stuckey was referring to Ken when she stated “be mad”? Could there be a rift between them? NAAAH! Her biography is still on the AiG webpage, here.

There does not seem to be a good reason for Mr. Ham’s interview not to be up yet. Ms. Stuckey has had plenty of time and has covered much more recent events/topics. If she suddenly airs the Ham interview, I will be glad to report the fact in the comments and in an update.

I admit this is all more amusing than meaningful. Ms. Stuckey is a rich seam of stupidity waiting to be mined. Even Ken should be embarrassed to be associated with her.