Interview with Anthony Edwards on RA Fisher

Image by Axel Zeitler.

Edwards Interview on Fisher

I’ve been meaning for ages to publicize this interview with Anthony Edwards, I think the last student of RA Fisher before he moved to Australia in the late 1950s.

All this relates to the Fisher-window controversy you may recall from summer 2020. His college kindly agreed to host the interview via their youtube page. As of this writing, they even show this interview as a "featured link" from their 2022 symposium page

The interview was produced by me & Axel Zeitler largely because we felt that Anthony (arguably the most qualified living person to say anything about Fisher's legacy) had been marginalized during the 2020 process. Until now, his voice was notably absent from from the 2022 symposium as well. Anyway, we're pleased that the college agreed (in Aug 2023) to add this interview to the record.

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