AIG's “Answers Academy” K-12 school renovated by far right foundation money

At the start of this year, Answers in Genesis completed moving their K-12 Answers Academy school into the $31 million former Toyota USA Headquarters building in northern Kentucky. Where they received to money to purchase the building has been a bit of a mystery, considering the lackluster ticket sales at the Ark Encounter. Today I discovered this story.

Apparently, The Herzog Foundation bankrolled some of the renovations that made the school’s present location possible. The article says: “The school renovations were made possible in part by a grant from The Herzog Foundation, which publishes The Lion.”

A further search about The Herzog Foundation brings up this article, which shows the Herzog Foundation is associated with several extremist far-right groups funneling dark money into so-called “anti-woke” schools.

AIG may have numerous dark money groups financing the Ark, Creation Museum, and their other activities, while simultaneously receiving $1.825 million a year as sales tax rebate incentives from the Kentucky Tourism Cabinet.