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Greetings again!

I’ve just returned from the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS for you acronymophiles) in San Francisco. What a city! I mean, sure, I hang out here a lot with the NCSE folks, but I rarely have a chance to schmooze with other scientists of my caliber from out of town. I mean, not that anyone I met has quite my qualifications, but I had a lot of fun meeting people (including the hottie in the picture) and, of course, hearing more about evolutionary biology in the meantime. Read all about it over at Aetiology.


Sorry to go off topic, but has anyone seen this:[…]hbabies.html

“In a revelation that destroys yet another cherished notion of human uniqueness, wild chimpanzees have been seen hunting bushbabies with spears.”

Certainly it seserves a post on Panda’s Thumb – yes?

Nah, nah… beat you to it on my blog:[…]espeare.html

I wonder if acronymophiles have their own AAAA (American Association for Advancement of Acronyms)…

Cool post, Tara. Sounds like lots of fun! At first, from the photo, I thought Steve Steve had had a sex-change (or sex-assignation, in this case) operation in S.F. But I remembered seeing Steve Steve dreamily sipping a soda with a charming Stephanie Stephanie awhile back, when he was visiting us in Kansas. He’s not – well, you know. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

I heard about Larry Page speaking at the AAAS meeting and saying:

If you look at your DNA its just about 600 MB compressed, which is smaller than any operating system. Your Linux, windows, any operating system. That includes booting up your brain, right … by definition. So your algorithms are probably not that complicated, its probably about the overall computation.

He was talking about AI and apparently drew this correlation between genome size and intelligence!

Hey I think it should be the American Advancement of Addicts and Sluts

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