Retrospectacle for Blogging Scholarship


Shelley Batts, a PhD student at the University of Michigan, is up for a $10,000 scholarship based on the amazing quality of her blogging at Retrospectacle.

You may remember her as the student who took on abusive publishers (and won) and who let Prof. Steve Steve get kidnapped.

Go vote for her; she wins the scholarship if she gets more votes than any of the other 20 finalists.


The link to Retrospectacle is bad– you need to remove the period at the end.

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Thank you for your support! I could really use the money to support my education.

Exactly how does plugging your friends contribute to the mission of

Gerard - How exactly does it detract from it?

I have enjoyed Shelly’s blogs and if my vote can help her get a scholership, that’s Great! I voted, Pandsthumb, thanks for the reminder

I already voted (saw this on Pharyngula yesterday) for Ms. Batts. While I don’t read Retrospectacle regularly I always follow links to it from Pharyngula. There only so many minutes in the day after all.

I also read some of the other front runners blogs. Even though Jess Kim had the most votes as of yesterday I could not see from her blog what makes her more more worthy of a scholarship over the work that Shelley has done and, hopefully, will continue to do.

Good luck Shelley!


Exactly how does plugging your friends contribute to the mission of

She shares PT’s goals and actively furthers them.

She’s currently in 2nd place; 2483 to Kimberley Klein’s 3191. I’m sure “lawmom” Ms. Klein is worthy, but PT is a biology blog, not a law blog.

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